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I have an html template which I need to render as a .PDF and then save that pdf file on server. I'm using "rendering" plugin of grails. I'm able to render file as PDF but I don't understand how to save it on server location and not on user's system. Can anybody please help me ?

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The pdfRenderingService provided by the plugin allows you to call render and get back an OutputStream. Using that output stream you can write that to a file on your server. The documentation explains the basics of using the service.

Your code may look something like this:

new File("report.pdf").withOutputStream { outputStream ->
            outputStream << pdfRenderingService.render(template: '/report/report', model: [serial: 12345])
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Okk.. Well actually I'm not that good with file writing and all. How to provide a dir path to grails program where it can download and save pdf file. And this whole process would be called in a scheduler, so can we do this automatically ? –  Piyusha Feb 14 '14 at 6:01
That's difficult to answer since you haven't given any examples of what you have already tried/written. Stackoverflow is used to answer specific programming questions. –  Joshua Moore Feb 14 '14 at 9:23
Hey actually your answer gave me a hint how to do it. But I used different plugin. –  Piyusha Feb 14 '14 at 12:05

Well, actually I changed my plugin. Got Wkhtmltopdf plugin of grails more helpful. you can find it here -- https://github.com/quorak/grails-wkhtmltopdf

Also instructions regarding using this plugin you can find on the same link or here --


Using this you can get "bytes" which you can write to file system.

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