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I would merge this two methods :

def get[A](m: Map[String, Any], k: String) = 

def get[A, B](m: Map[String, Any], k1: String, k2: String) = 
  (m(k1).asInstanceOf[A], m(k2).asInstanceOf[B])

For parameters, I can use varargs. Is there a solution for types ?

[update] This example is lightweight to focus on the point. In my real use case, Map is an object returns by my DB driver (a MongoDBObject returns by Casbah).

[update2] Here is the real code

def getH0(query: Query, magic: Boolean = false): Iterable[Long] =
  getHits(query, magic)((o: DBObject) => o.as[Long]("hits"))

def getH1[A](query: Query, magic: Boolean = false): Iterable[(A, Long)] =
  getHits(query, magic)(asTuple[A, Long]("_id", "hits"))

def getH2[A, B](query: Query, magic: Boolean = false): Iterable[((A, B), Long)] =
  getHits(query, magic)(asTuple3[A, B, Long](query.dimension.get.apply(0), query.dimension.get.apply(1), "hits"))

def getHits[T](query: Query, magic: Boolean = false)(f: DBObject => T): Iterable[T] = {
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the first get returns an A, the second get returns a tuple - (A, B). What result type do you expect the merged method to be? –  serejja Feb 13 at 13:56
@GovindSingh It's not at all a dupe - Yann wants to know what, if anything, can be used to express an arbitrarily long sequence of types, to define the contents of the tuple - to replace [A, B]. –  Ed Staub Feb 13 at 14:08
@serejja I'd guess Yann wants a Product[A,B,C,D,...] (invalid syntax to express wish). –  Ed Staub Feb 13 at 14:17
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You can use varargs if you change the return type to List or something else.

def get[A](m: Map[String, Any], k: String*):List[A]=
    k.map(x=>m(x).asInstanceOf[A]).toList //the default return type is Seq
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It looks as though you need the shapeless library :)

The relevant parts are:

The Record type, which is a bit like a Map in which the types of all the values are retained.

HList, which can be thought of as either a List in which element types are retined, or as an arbitrary-length Tuple.

Your example is a bit lightweight, which makes it difficult to suggest the best approach for you.

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See my updates for further explanation of my need –  Yann Moisan Feb 14 at 8:50
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