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I want my array to be two dimensional. My code is :


foreach ($tabelka as $filename) {

     $list .= '<td>' . filesize($filename) . '</td><td>' . date ("F d Y H:i:s.", filemtime($filename)) . '</td>'.PHP_EOL;


    echo ($list);

This code is on external device (rapsberry pi) and is used on server with 'file()' command. To achieve what i want a two dimensional array is needed. One dimension of this array needs to be filesize and the second would be filemtime.

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Make an array instead of adding it to a list variable –  ElefantPhace Feb 13 at 14:45
To be honest with you, i have no idea how to put it into an array, i always used variables –  M.Stark Feb 13 at 14:47
I think it would be helpful if you'd show an excerpt of how the final array should look like. Just saying it should be two dimensional is really not enough. How should the outer array be indexed? By number or filename? And what about the inner array keys? filesize and filemtime, or numerically 0, 1? –  Yoshi Feb 13 at 14:53

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$data = array();
foreach($tabelka as $filename) {
   $data[$filename] = array('mtime' => filemtime($filename), 'size' => filesize($filename));
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Thank You :) It is working now –  M.Stark Feb 14 at 9:46

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