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Instead of writing this in my view controller:

[[self.view.emailAddressField.rac_textSignal distinctUntilChanged] subscribeNext:^(NSString *emailAddress) {
    self.viewModel.emailAddress = emailAddress;

What are the consequences and implications of using the following instead?

RAC(self.viewModel, emailAddress) = [self.view.emailAddressField.rac_textSignal distinctUntilChanged];
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They are equivalent, assuming self.viewModel has already been set by the time it is called.

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Just read the source code.

RAC(target, keyPath, nilValue) = signal;

is something like:

[signal setkeyPath:keyPath onObject:target nilValue:niValue];

and setKeyPath:onObject:nilValue: is implementation as:

RACDisposable *subscriptionDisposable = [self subscribeNext:^(id x) {
    NSObject *object = (__bridge id)objectPtr;
    [object setValue:x ?: nilValue forKeyPath:keyPath];
} error:^(NSError *error) {
} completed:^{
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