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I have a R Shiny app, which calculates several statistics in different tabsets. As the calculations are quite computation intensive, I use submitButton to prevent reactivity. My problem is now that each calculation (all in different tabsets) are writing outputs to a folder and I want Shiny to write an output for all tabsets when initializing. Unfortunately, Shiny only creates an output for the tabset, that is active when initializing. Is there a way to tell Shiny, that it should calculate/render outputs for every tab when initializing?

Here is a modified example from the Shiny[Tutorial]:(http://www.http://rstudio.github.io/shiny/tutorial/#more-widgets/)



# Define UI for dataset viewer application

  # Application title.
  headerPanel("More Widgets"),

  # Sidebar with controls to select a dataset and specify the number
  # of observations to view. The helpText function is also used to 
  # include clarifying text. Most notably, the inclusion of a 
  # submitButton defers the rendering of output until the user 
  # explicitly clicks the button (rather than doing it immediately
  # when inputs change). This is useful if the computations required
  # to render output are inordinately time-consuming.
    selectInput("dataset", "Choose a dataset:", 
                choices = c("rock", "pressure", "cars")),

    numericInput("obs", "Number of observations to view:", 10),

    helpText("Note: while the data view will show only the specified",
             "number of observations, the summary will still be based",
             "on the full dataset."),

    submitButton("Update View")

  # Show a summary of the dataset and an HTML table with the requested
  # number of observations. Note the use of the h4 function to provide
  # an additional header above each output section.
      tabPanel("Summary", verbatimTextOutput("summary")),
      tabPanel("Table", tableOutput("view"))




# Define server logic required to summarize and view the selected dataset
shinyServer(function(input, output) {

  # Return the requested dataset
  datasetInput <- reactive({
           "rock" = rock,
           "pressure" = pressure,
           "cars" = cars)

  # Generate a summary of the dataset
  output$summary <- renderPrint({
    dataset <- datasetInput()



  # Show the first "n" observations
  output$view <- renderTable({
    a<-head(datasetInput(), n = input$obs)


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I think you want:

outputOptions(output, "summary", suspendWhenHidden = FALSE)
outputOptions(output, "view", suspendWhenHidden = FALSE)

Put this into your server.R. Let me (us) know if this works as you expect.


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Thanks @Vincent, it indeed works for the example I have posted, but unfortunately in my application only the first two of my four tabsets work as expected, although I have defined outputOptions for all four outputs. This is really strange. But it might work for others so +1. –  user2524906 Feb 14 '14 at 8:48
If you can make a simple reproducible example where this problem occurs you might want to post it at the Shiny discussion group or as an Issue on Github. –  Vincent Feb 15 '14 at 18:51

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