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I want to paste something to textbox in WebBrowser when keyboard appear. I try this:

webBrowser.Input += ((o,e) =>
    MessageBox.Show("Input started");

but nothing happen when virtual keyboard appear (same result with InputStart and InputUpdate event). Anyone can help me solve this problem?

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WP8's WebBrowser has a very poor interface compared to W8 and WPF. I'm not sure either support Input/InputStart/InputUpdate (definitely not supported in WP8), so you're out of luck with those callbacks.

The only real way you can operate on the WebBrowser content is using InvokeScript.

If you can't modify the site Html (you're providing an Url link not an HtmlString to the WebBrowser), then the route would be to use InvokeScript on a JavaScript function that will attach a listener event to the textbox, with your JavaScript function hard-coding the value you want to paste. There may be issues with getting the keyboard to open due to focus, but I believe this is the only way you will be able to manage to paste something like you've described.

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