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I have a few manifest files with digest on the deploy server


How sprockets know which of manifests is recent? Or it should be only one manifest file?


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i think it will use fingerprint for that and finger print contains the timestamp also. so it can find out which one is newest –  Nitin Jain Feb 13 '14 at 15:20

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the manifest.json always has a random SecureRandom.hex(16) attached to it's name. Taking a look at manifest you can see that Sprockets takes the first available file.

If you see multiple manifest-*.json files on your server, it might get risky since Sprockets doesn't really choose the newest file and you may end up with loading outdated assets.

Just run the following and you're good to go:

bundle exec rake assets:clobber
bundle exec rake assets:precompile
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I don't see any code in Sprockets::Asset that determines which of many manifest-<digest>.json files are loaded by rails though. How it determines which is the most recent. –  noodl Jan 29 at 13:57
@noodl I added the step by step explanation. It is not that Sprocket pulls the newest file out of a pool of files. It calculates the digest of the asset that you need. –  Yan Foto Jan 29 at 14:07
Sorry if I'm not clear but there are multiple manifest files. Several json files each containing manifest information and the wrong one of those is being used. In the manifest is contained the digest of the current file for any given path, in the assets: {} section. manifest isn't a file that's being linked to like a javascript file or something. –  noodl Jan 29 at 14:15
github.com/sstephenson/sprockets/blob/master/lib/sprockets/… suggests that if there are many, it'll take the first one alphabetically which is what we're seeing. So then either there should only ever be one manifest file or we need to specify a constant path to the manifest file so it doesn't just guess. –  noodl Jan 29 at 14:21
@noodl You last comment made it clear to me. I just added that part and now I see you have already found it yourself :( –  Yan Foto Jan 29 at 14:25

I guess you should only have one manifest file. Try to invalidate the whole cache by increasing your asset version in your production.rb file like so:

config.assets.version = "1.x"
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