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so I am trying to work out average sales over each day of the week.

what i want the cell to achieve is to calculate and average with the date range but only include those cells with actual numbers in them and not just empty cells (they have no figures as we have not had sales yet those days as they are into the future).

here is the formula I've got in there:


I have tried various "counts" and "countifs" ect. but i just can't get it to do what i need it to do.

out of the cells in the formula, right now, only 9 have date in them. but i want it more of a set and forget kinda thing where say next week once i input data into the next cell which relates to this past Monday just gone (I think the 10th of Feb) i want it to include it. and then so on for next week ect. but not include the other 40 odd cells within the formula that have no data currently.

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Why don't you use average? average will ignore empty cells –  CRondao Feb 13 at 15:57
it didn't seem to but i will try again now. –  user3306730 Feb 14 at 0:09
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