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I would like to color a barplot as follows:enter image description here

And I tried the following:


Here "a" represents an affybatch object.

Of course the above code colors every five bars, and what I really need is color the first six in blue and the next five in orange and so on.

Or even coloring the first ten in blue and the next three in orange and the remaining again in blue would also help.I did not use ggplot because this is an affybatch object.

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You may want border and not col. – Peyton Feb 13 '14 at 16:00
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I have no idea what affybatch is, but if what you're trying to do is get a character vector with the first set repeated 6 times, the next 3 5 times, and the last 6 times (as per your graph), try:

rep(c("blue","orange","green","pink","grey"), c(6, 5, 5, 5, 6))
#  [1] "blue"   "blue"   "blue"   "blue"   "blue"   "blue"   "orange" "orange" "orange"
# [10] "orange" "orange" "green"  "green"  "green"  "green"  "green"  "pink"   "pink"  
# [19] "pink"   "pink"   "pink"   "grey"   "grey"   "grey"   "grey"   "grey"   "grey"  

Notice the second argument to rep.

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