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I have a variable containing the list of selects, then I'd need to filter and find only those that has dependsOn attribute with the value of 'EventType'.

I tried the below but it doesn't find the select and returns 0:

var selects = $("select");
var count = selects.find("[dependsOn='EventType']").length

I wrote the below which works but isn't there an easier way?

var dependents = [];
        selectLists.each(function() {

            var dep = $(this).attr('dependsOn');
            if (dep === undefined) return;

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Could you post your html? –  Anton Feb 13 at 16:08
missing ; after .....length –  Pranav C Balan Feb 13 at 16:09
alert($("select[dependsOn=EventType]").length); works? –  gvee Feb 13 at 16:10
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If that attribute is on the actual select tag, just do:

var selects = $("select[dependsOn='EventType']"); 

Although, dependsOn doesn't seem like a valid attribute. Check out custom data-* attributes to have completely valid HTML.

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See the documentation for find:

Get the descendants of each element in the current set of matched elements, filtered by a selector, jQuery object, or element.

You want to use filter:

Reduce the set of matched elements to those that match the selector or pass the function's test.


Alternatively, just put the condition in your initial selector:

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try with you'r browser's console (I'm using chrome) and use this:

selects = $("select[dependsOn='EventType']");

It worked just fine for me. Hope it helps!!

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If you use data attribute

then you can do:

var selects = $("select");

find() is used to select the child elements, if you want to target select element, you can use:

var selects = $('select[data-dependsOn="EventType"]').length;
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tried it, didn't work –  The Light Feb 13 at 16:24
@TheLight Make sure in your HTML markup your select element has this attribute data-dependsOn="EventType" –  Felix Feb 13 at 16:26
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