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I know this might have been asked before but I can't figure out after reading them posts whats best for my situation. Sorry.

I'm having difficulties in declaring a file path for my include / require_once files.

My folder structure is like this.

 Root folder:

So the problem I'm having is that every time I try to include or require a file lets say from Folder(core) --> file init.php in Folder(user) -> File registration.php (registration.php would be where the include command be located) it throws me an error and page doesnt load. I get an error "Warning: require_once(/core/init.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory". Why is this happening? would be same if I try to include other files from different directories.

Please help, I know this might be a silly question but I can't figure out

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Leave the beginning slash off –  ElefantPhace Feb 13 '14 at 16:23
still doesnt work. I use Coda 2 and even if I preview in browser same thing. If I remove require_once command it works fine. Page loads –  Tauciokas Feb 13 '14 at 16:24
/core means that your operating system will start searching from the root node and not from where your files are located. That's what start slash does. –  N.B. Feb 13 '14 at 16:24
Post the actual code you're trying... –  ElefantPhace Feb 13 '14 at 16:25
Possibly try ../core/init.php –  The Humble Rat Feb 13 '14 at 16:26

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If your index.php is always loaded first and loads the other files that may also load other files, then everything is relative to the root directory:


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Even if I do this: <?php require_once('core/init.php'); ?> Still not working. I have no idea whats going on –  Tauciokas Feb 13 '14 at 16:27
May I say I include the php code inside my body just before all my html tags. –  Tauciokas Feb 13 '14 at 16:28
@user3306856 is used for if one file add before then this file will not add aging :) –  Ferrakkem Bhuiyan Feb 13 '14 at 16:29
Coda 2 has this plugin insert file path. If i use it and select that folder with the file this what it gives me: Volumes/Macintosh HD/Users/Slegaitis/Desktop/Web/core/init.php –  Tauciokas Feb 13 '14 at 16:35

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