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I'm filling my WebApp (Django) template variables in html body data attributes. So that I can access them later through Javascript:

<body data-node_ip={{NODE_IP}}>
<body data-node_port={{NODE_PORT}}>

Later in the Javascript code, I'm accessing the variables through jQuery's data method:

var connection = $("body").data("node_ip") + $("body").data("node_port")

This works well with all modern browsers (IE10, Chrome, FF).


However it doesn't work with IE9 or older. IE9 only stores one single value associated to the tag.

My question:

How do I store these template variables in my HTML document (without using Javascript / jQuery) so that they are also accessible down to IE9?


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This doesn't seem to be valid. You can only have one body element. But you can and should put all the attributes on that single element:

<body data-node_ip={{NODE_IP}} data-node_port={{NODE_PORT}}>
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Thank you! Now it works! –  DH1TW Feb 13 '14 at 18:26

Why don't you assign them different ids and access them like this:

var connection = $("#body1").data("node_ip") + $("#body2").data("node_port")
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