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I have a mySQL table setup with a column with a datatype of TinyInt(1). This represents a boolean.

0 = false; 1 = true.

I'm also setting up a website to show this information to the company using and the MVC design. Right now, the table shows the column as:

"Are Records Online"| [next column]
 1                  |   junk
 1                  |    junk
 0                  |  junk

However, i want the 1's and 0's to display as 'true/false' or 'yes/no'. Basically just something more user-friendly.

How should i do this? With a script on the Viewpage itself or with a foreach loop in the controller such as:

foreach(ListViewModel i in DefaultList)
               if(i.RecordsOnline == true)
                {  //set to 'yes'
                else if(i.RecordsOnline = false)
                { //set to 'no'
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Just use a simple ternary to print the appropriate bit of text in your view:

@(i.RecordsOnline ? "Yes" : "No")
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You can use type ENUM('yes', 'no') instead of TINYINT. The same one byte per value, but more user-friendly.

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You could create a DisplayTemplate based on the bool type since you appear to be converting the tinyint to bool in your model.

-- YesNo.cshtml
@model bool

@(Model ? "Yes" : "No")

Place that folder inside of ~/Views/Shared/DisplayTemplates

You can use it like so: (assumes RecordsOnline is part of your model and is a bool)

@Html.DisplayFor(m => m.RecordsOnline, "YesNo")
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