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I've been browsing around and it seems that the way to get scrollTop to behave properly on the ipad/webkit is to use

$(jQuery.browser.webkit ? "body": "html").animate({ scrollTop: myTop }, myDur);



The current code I'm using is:

openr.onclick = function() {

openr is a button you click to bring up a menu. The scrollTop should be applied to it. Currently you open it, scroll down to the bottom>close it>reopen it and the menu is back to the top (reset). This is good and now I need to implement this in Safari for the ipad.

I'm working on Windows 7 and have Safari 5.x downloaded (which seems like absolute garbage for what it's worth) and the scrollTop IS working (and for Firefox too). But yet when I test the above code on the ipad, scrollTop does not work properly.

It's not like I can do

$(document).scrollTop('#statusscroll'); for ipad

So how do I correctly implement scrollTop for a menu, ON that menu ('#statusscroll' in this case) on the iPad?

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