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I need to have one large image with 3 images on each side. When the cursor goes over a smaller image the larger one is replaced with a larger version of the smaller image with a text description of the image underneath, but I have no clue how to do multiple events like this. I'm new to Javascript and would appreciate any help.

This is the script in the head section:

function changeImage(img_src,txt) {
    //change image code
    document.getElementById("preview").src = img;

    //change text code
    document.getElementById("description").innerHTML = txt;

The code for one of the smaller images:

<img width="180" height="134" src="africa.jpg" onmouseover='changeImage("africa.jpg","Exotic Wooden Animals")' />

And the code for the larger image:

<div id="description">
    <img src="Untitled-1.gif" id="preview" width="500" height="441">
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Can we see your markup and JS? What have you tried? –  stackErr Feb 13 at 19:10
This is not a multiple event. Place your javascript code that changes the large image in the onMouseOver event of the smaller one. –  Mike W Feb 13 at 19:12

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