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Buidling an example df for a question resulted in a second question. First Q2:

Q2: is there a more efficient way to generate a df of mixed data types? Here is my attempt:

 g<-factor(rep("INSTRUMENT NOT CALIBRATED",4))
 i<-factor(rep("org / initials",4))
 colnames(t)<-c("bSystemId","cSystemId","lengthdecimal","heightquantity","desc","code","notes","createdBy"); head(t)

Q1: I'm filtering data frame fields but combining filter statements partially reverses the filtering:

The result of these two statements gives me the result I want:


Can these statements be combined to produce the same result? I've tried a few things but none of them work. Example,


Thanks for any comments.

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You can do this (really, very minor change to your code):

t[sapply(t,is.numeric) & !grepl("SystemId",names(t))]

As for Q2, I don't have great suggestions. You could try using replicate to create a list of random stuff, and then mapply it with a list of as functions. For example (untested):

df <- as.data.frame(
    function(fun, col) fun(col), 
    list(as.character, as.numeric, as.factor, as.logical, as.numeric),
    replicate(5, sample(1:10), simplify=F),
names(df) <- paste0("V", 1:ncol(df))
sapply(df, class)
#          V1          V2          V3          V4          V5 
# "character"   "numeric"    "factor"   "logical"   "numeric"     
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Great, thanks for the speedy reply. I wind up working with tables of 50+ fields so I'm always looking for code improvements. –  user2009447 Feb 13 '14 at 19:41
@user2009447, also, note updated method for creating data frame with different columns –  BrodieG Feb 13 '14 at 19:43
That's neat. The more I use the apply fucntions the more I like them. –  user2009447 Feb 13 '14 at 19:48

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