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I got a segmented control with 3 options. I didn't really know how to create a variable from the selected.segmentedIndex so I copy a method from another place.

typedef NS_ENUM(int, tipoServidor) {
@property (nonatomic) tipoServidor servidorType;

<Another file>
if (self.persistentSettings.servidorType == SERVIDOR_ARG){
    self.servidorControl.selectedSegmentIndex= 0;
} else if (self.persistentSettings.servidorType == SERVIDOR_EU) {
    self.servidorControl.selectedSegmentIndex= 1;
} else if (self.persistentSettings.servidorType == SERVIDOR_US) {
    self.servidorControl.selectedSegmentIndex = 2;}

<Another file>
- (NSString *)servidorType {
AdSettings *settings = [[AdSettings alloc] init];

NSString *server = [settings servidorType];

The problem is that the last line throws this error:

Implicit conversion of 'tipoServidor' (aka 'enum tipoServidor') to 'NSString *' is disallowed with ARC

How is the correct way to make this work?

Thank you very much

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The problem is that the last line throws this error: Implicit conversion of tipoServidor (aka enum tipoServidor) to NSString * is disallowed with ARC

ARC or not, an enum is not an NSString, so you cannot do it. In order to deal with it, either define an array of strings that represent your enum values, or write a small function that does the mapping, for example, like this:

NSString *DescriptionOfServidor(tipoServidor e) {
    switch (e) {
        case SERVIDOR_ARG: return @"SERVIDOR_ARG";
        case SERVIDOR_EU: return @"SERVIDOR_EU";
        case SERVIDOR_US: return @"SERVIDOR_US";
    return nil;

All you need now is this call:

NSString *server = DescriptionOfServidor([settings servidorType]);
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Thank you very much! Im trying to think where to put that function DescriptionOfServidor... a last hint? haha – user3294339 Feb 13 '14 at 19:48
@user3294339 That depends on where you want to use it. If it is local to a single .m file, put it in that file, above the @implementation section of whatever class that you may have there, and add static in front of NSString. If you want it shared among multiple .m files, put it in a .m class of your choice, and add a forward declaration to the header where the enum is declared. Forward declaration looks like this: NSString *DescriptionOfServidor(tipoServidor e); – dasblinkenlight Feb 13 '14 at 19:52
@user3294339 Try this out. If it works for you, consider accepting the answer by clicking the check mark next to it. – dasblinkenlight Feb 13 '14 at 19:52
Sorry, ignore that last question – user3294339 Feb 17 '14 at 18:27

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