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Is this possible to do this in one MySQL query? Basically I need to sort users by how many responses they have. I have 2 tables

table "users":
id      username
1       hunter
2       loserville

and another

table "responses":
id      user_id     response
1         1            yes
1         2            yes
1         1            no
1         1            yes

I need something like this

FROM users
        SELECT COUNT( As num_responses
        FROM responses
        WHERE user_id =
ORDER BY num_responses DESC

Unfortunately it doesn't work. Any suggestions? Let me know if you are confused! Thanks for your time.

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SELECT, users.username, count(*) as responses
FROM   users LEFT JOIN responses
       ON users.Id = responses.user_id
GROUP BY, users.username
ORDER BY count(*) DESC
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FROM    users u
        responses r
ON      r.user_id =
        AND r.response = 'yes'
        cnt DESC

or this:

        SELECT  COUNT(*)
        FROM    responses r
        WHERE   r.user_id =
                AND r.response = 'yes'
        ) cnt
FROM    users u
        cnt DESC

The former is generally faster in InnoDB, the latter in MyISAM.

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thanks for the response, will keep this in mind – axsuul Feb 1 '10 at 12:24

I guess what you want to use is the GROUP BY clause.

You'd want a query like

SELECT, COUNT(*) AS responses 
    FROM users JOIN responses ON = responses.user_id 
    GROUP BY user_id ORDER BY responses DESC

(if you don't want any information from the users table, you can leave out the JOIN and only do the query on the responses.

The join lists all users with their responses and then counts the number of entries.

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Thanks for the response but I had to do a LEFT JOIN and that worked for me – axsuul Feb 1 '10 at 12:23
That is true, the left join will also list people that haven't made any responses. However, I'm not sure if COUNT(*) will work correctly then. It might list 1 response instead of 0 for users that haven't posted. – Thirler Feb 1 '10 at 13:56

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