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Why does WCF does not allow to set the "IsRequired" property for DataMembers when I set the "IsReference" property for the DataMember's DataContract? And is there a way to solve this problem?

    [DataContract(IsReference = true)]
    public class MyClass
        private DateTime date;

        [DataMember (IsRequired = true)]
        public DateTime Date
            get { return date; }
            set { date = value; }

This code will create an error because "IsReference" and "IsRequired" are set.

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There is an explanation for the behaviour you're getting here

I'm not sure about way's to solve this issue

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Whilst this is in no-way a dig/rant at yourself, the "answer" in that link does not actually explain why the framework behaves in that way, only that it is "by-design" and in typical patronising MS fashion; it doesn't explain anything about why they'd made that design decision, and suggests we do not worry our selves with the real reason, only that we remove the attribute and carry on regardless. </rant>. –  Jenk Dec 28 '11 at 13:58

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