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I am trying to detect a simple rectangle on rectangle (Player falling and hitting floor), the problem occurs when I try to detect when they have collided and make the Player sit on top of the floor.

When my player falls it accelerates, this means by the time the collision is detected it is already inside the floor. When I try and push it out the program seems to stop detecting the collision and the player will sit inside the wall slightly.

How can I do this so that the player is actually on top of the wall and not slightly under it, could it be incorrect bounding detection?

//Collision detection
if (Player.hitTestObject(Floor)){
    inAir = false;
    Player.y = Floor.y - Floor.height;
    vSpeed = 0;

Ignore the sloppy coding, just trying to sort this out before I refine it.

Used a method to predict where the player will be and move him close to the collision point

if (Player.y + Player.height - vSpeed > Floor.y){
    if (colDown){
        vSpeed = 0;
        if (colIn){
            Obj1.y += 1;
        if (Obj1.y + Obj1.height > Obj2.y) {
            colIn = false;
            onGround = true;
            inAir = false;
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