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Why is this not working? I have a breakpoint set at targetContentOffset->y = -50.0f; and it is being hit, not sure why it's not having any effect.

Yes paging = NO.

- (void)scrollViewWillEndDragging:(UIScrollView *)scrollView withVelocity:(CGPoint)velocity targetContentOffset:(inout CGPoint *)targetContentOffset {
    if (scrollView.contentOffset.y < -50.0f) {
        targetContentOffset->y = -50.0f;
    else {
        *targetContentOffset = CGPointZero;

        // Need to call this subsequently to remove flickering.
        dispatch_async(dispatch_get_main_queue(), ^{
            [scrollView setContentOffset:CGPointZero animated:YES];
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Is the condition being entered? Is the delegate method being called properly? –  0x7fffffff Feb 13 '14 at 20:40
@0x7fffffff Yes it is, I have a breakpoint set on the third line down and it is being reached. It's just doing targetContentOffset->y = -50.0f; has no effect –  random Feb 13 '14 at 20:50

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This seems to be your answer.

scrollViewWillEndDragging:withVelocity:targetContentOffset: not working on the edges of a UISCrollView

Theres a UIScrollView bug with setting the targetContentOffset of scrollViewWillEndDragging:withVelocity:targetContentOffset: while the scroll view is at it's default content offset.

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