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in a JavaScript, i am using Regex to split(/\W+/) to words.

when i split this, it's returning wrong value

var s3 = "bardzo dziękuję";
s3 = s3.split(/\W+/);

[0]: "bardzo"
[1]: "dzi"
[2]: "kuj"

How to fix this problem? please advice

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The regex isn't splitting because it is treating your accented characters as non-word characters.

Use the whitespace special character:-

s3 = s3.split(/\s+/);
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thanks, it worked! –  kakopappa Feb 2 '10 at 4:21

You could use CharFunk https://raw.github.com/joelarson4/CharFunk , which handles Unicode fully.

var s3 = "bardzo dziękuję";

function notLetterOrDigit(ch) {
    return !CharFunk.isLetterOrDigit(ch);

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In this case, why not just split with whitespace?


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