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I am working with 2 pc's on my website.

I have a folder htdocs on my laptop and I made this folder shared, so I could see it on my desktop pc.

Everything was ok, was working fine and very quick. I made this so I won't need to copy and paste everytime to my laptop whatever changes I make while I was using desktop pc.

But last couple days when I open localhost website on my desktop pc it's just loading and then all pc just freezes. Even ctrl+alt+del doesnt work, need to reboot pc always.

I tryed to turn off all programs like skype etc,so ports wont argue with each other, but I didnt have this problem before. I have no idea what causes this problem.

Maybe some of you guys had this problem before?

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WHat colour is your WampManager icon. The one n the system tray. –  RiggsFolly Feb 15 at 14:11
It's xammp.. And its orange..I guess thats what you are asking.. If my laptop is off,so folder is offline as well and if I open an editor which contains files from shared folder, program just crashes.. –  StuckBetweenTrees Feb 16 at 0:44
I believe i found a problem,as I was running server on both computers (desktop and laptop) that might caused a little fight between both of them.. –  StuckBetweenTrees Feb 16 at 0:45
I believe the phrase is - Duh! –  RiggsFolly Feb 16 at 1:24

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