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I need to compare 5 files by their file paths: a,b,c,d,e and find duplicates if exists. How can I do this in c++ via md5sum comparison of files?

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Why do you need md5sum? This duplicate question concludes that you don't. –  MSalters Feb 14 at 10:31

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You'd need to compute a checksum for each file (write it yourself or call an external program), get hold of each file, ... This depends on the operating system. It is much easier to do something like this in a scripting language.

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I have to use c/c++ library for computing the ckecksums –  user3308092 Feb 13 at 22:35
can you use popen() to run the md5sum command and read its output? –  Barmar Feb 13 at 22:37

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