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Could you please give me a hint how can I invoke a java project (written in eclipse) from Mathematica? I want to give values generated by my Mathematica program as input to a java project, and use the (outputs) results obtained from solving the problem by java, as input to my Mathematica code. I know there is a J/Link package for calling java from mathematica. But, i don't know how I can have this interaction between them.

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Assuming your project is on the class path, you can pull in Java pretty easily(see docs)


awesomeClass = LoadJavaClass["my.java.class.OfAwesomeness"];


awesomeInstance = JavaNew[awesomeClass,"Awesome Arg 1"];
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I made a jar file from my project which is run with no problem from command prompt. However, when I run it in Mathematica with Run[.] command, it gives me the following error: "java.io.FileNotFoundException: data\test_7 (The system cannot find the path specified)" for an input file, which is called from within my java program like this: static Graph graph = new VariableGraph("C:\\Mas\\data\\test_7"); How should I define the paths to be able to get rid of this error and run my jar file in Mathematica? – Matin Feb 6 '10 at 17:26
You could try loading your VariableGraph class in Mathematica and trying to initialize it with your data file. – BaroqueBobcat Feb 7 '10 at 17:22

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