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I've used the #3 method from this page to customize the application exception page when in production mode, however my error page returns 200OK HTTP status code while I want it to return 500 Internal Server Error (as it is in development environment).

I am not sure how to change the status code. Any ideas?

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In the handleRequestException implementation of the DefaultRequestExceptionHandler which is used by default, you can see that the response status is set to 500:


You would have to do something very similar in your code (not tested):

public RequestExceptionHandler decorateRequestExceptionHandler(final Logger logger, final ResponseRenderer renderer,
    final ComponentSource componentSource, final Response response,
    @Symbol(SymbolConstants.PRODUCTION_MODE) boolean productionMode, Object service) {
    if (!productionMode) return null;

    return new RequestExceptionHandler() {
        public void handleRequestException(Throwable exception) throws IOException {
            logger.error("Unexpected runtime exception: " + exception.getMessage(), exception);
            ExceptionReporter index = (ExceptionReporter) componentSource.getPage("Index");


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