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About a week ago after using http://www.maxcdn.com a content delivery network, I found thousands of server errors and "not found" errors in my Google webmaster tools. I stopped using the MaxCDN service and fixed all the errors but I'm still having issues getting Google to realize the errors were fixed.

Most of the errors are attachment ID's. So, I clicked the attachment id to see the error on my site but there is no error. See for yourself: http://viintage.com/?attachment_id=12882

I have already marked these a fixed but they keep popping back up in the list of server errors. To take it a step further, I actually fetched the URL as Google and I get a Fetch Status of "Not Found" even though I can clearly access the page myself without any errors.

I've been working on this for about a week because I don't want to loose my good standing with Google. I would appreciate if anyone out there had any insight as to how I can resolve these server errors and "not found" errors.

Thanks in advance! -Matt

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