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As you know, cloudfoundry suggest a command tool to push and manage applications. I am asking if there is a native solution (API or Webservices, ... ) that provides similar thing. If yes, please share links.


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Let me introduce you to the modern wonder of internet search: duckduckgo.com/?q=cloudfoundry+API ... The first link seems to do what you want? :-) –  Carpetsmoker Feb 14 at 0:02

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Not quite sure what the question here is?

cloudfoundry suggest a command tool to push and manage applications

There's a CLI tool ('cf') for pushing, stopping and starting applications, yes - and also an Eclipse plugin, and an API.

The title of the question appears to be about monitoring? You can hook an application up to a third-party monitoring solution such as New Relic (Pivotal Web Services / run.pivotal.io, a hosted Cloud Foundry environment, offers 1-click integration with NR).

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What I mean with monitoring is pushing, stopping and starting applications from a third-party application. –  Aymen Medimagh Feb 14 at 8:30
so administering and deploying - there are a number of APIs and wrappers. I recommend the cf-java-client which includes Maven and Gradle plugins for doing exactly this. github.com/cloudfoundry/cf-java-client –  Andy Piper Feb 14 at 13:53

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