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The first thing you do when you learn TangleJS is count calories.

<p id="calorieCalculator">   When you eat <span
class="TKAdjustableNumber" data-var="cookies"> cookies</span>,   you
consume <b data-var="calories"> calories</b>. That's    <span
data-var="dailyPercent">%</span> of your recommended daily

and some JavaScript

var tangle = new Tangle (document.getElementById("calorieCalculator"),
    initialize: function () {
        this.cookies = 3;
        this.caloriesPerCookie = 50;
        this.dailyCalories = 2100;
    update: function () {
        this.calories = this.cookies * this.caloriesPerCookie;
        this.dailyPercent = 100 * this.calories / this.dailyCalories;
    } });

My jsFiddle is exactly this code but it the mouse drag does not work.

The github hasn't be updated in 3 years, but looks nice.

React.js and Meteor.js seem to do similar things.

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You missed TangleKit.js from the external resources: jsfiddle.net/SamHasler/kphe5 –  Sam Hasler Jul 10 at 14:52

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