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Is there a native dragdrop solution for AngularJS, that can handle drag an dropping between nested ng-repeats?

What the current html looks like:

<section ng-repeat="list in lists">
   {{ list.name }}
   <article ng-repeat="user in list.users">
     {{ user.name }}

What I'm trying to achieve is that I can move users to other lists.

I don't wanna have to add jQuery UI as a dependency for just dragdropping.

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I had the same problem and wanted to use native HTML5, too. Since I couldn't find anything I eventually had to build my own library, check out the results:


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There is no native drag and drop in Angular, but look this awesome directive


Check the examples, i hope thouse will helps you

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I was also looking for a native angular drag/drop api, as I do not want to have any dependency jQuery. I found this which uses HTML5 drag drop and no jQuery


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Angular-NestedSortable is really usefull for this case.

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