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I have set everything up using ElasticSearch and SearchKick, however, I cannot get it to work quite like I want to. I need to have multiple searches.

My model, Car, has two attributes such as "Make" and "Year". I can do this: query: { match: {make: { query: "toyota" } }} )

How do I also find matches that belong to Toyoto but also belonging to a specific year, say 2012.

Thank you

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Do you mean ElasticSearch? – rainkinz Feb 14 '14 at 2:09
Yes, sorry. ElasticSearch (oops) – user3308357 Feb 14 '14 at 14:34

Assuming that year is either an attribute of your Car model or defined explicitly in your search_data config this should work: "toyota", where: { year: 2012 }
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This will returns cars in which make is "toyota" AND year is 2012 "*", where: { make: 'toyota', year: 2012 }

For make is "toyota" OR year is 2012 "*", where: { or: [[{make: 'toyota'},{year: 2012}]] }
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