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I have installed pydev and anaconda on my Mac. I want to use My anaconda distribution with my pydev console. I did the following but it didn't work:

  1. Go to Eclipse>Preference>pydev>python interpreter>New
  2. Browse to /Users/name/anaconda/bin/python

I selected that and clicked apply. But now when I go and open up console, I get the following error:

import sys; print('%s %s' % (sys.executable or sys.platform, sys.version))
Qt internal error: qt_menu.nib could not be loaded. The .nib file should be placed in     QtGui.framework/Versions/Current/Resources/  or in the resources directory of your application bundle.
Console already exited with value: 134 while waiting for an answer.
Error stream: 
Output stream: 

What is going on?

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