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So I have a UITableviewController that populates its dataSource in a background thread. When this population has finished the thread calls the main thread to do: [table reloadData]. All works fine. I have done it this way because the population takes at least 1 second to complete and the UI freezes in the meanTime, If that is done on the main thread that is. I am quite aware of lazy loading and I can not use it in this case because I need to sort the dataSource using a field, which, unfortunately, initialising for each object in the datasource is causing the lengthy population. So the issue with this is that if I click back (i.e. popViewController) before the datasource has finished population, the tableViewController only gets deallocated when that background thread has returned/ finished the data population. How can I force the population to stop immediately when back is pressed? If there was a viewWillUnload then I would set a variable _canceled to yes so that the population loop can exit therefore exiting/returning the background thread? I can not use viewWillDisappear also because I have modal view controllers that can be presented over this tableViewController, which should not stop the population. How would I go around this properly without adding my own back button with a custom action? Thank you..

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I do not want to add my own back button, because the tableViewController can be presented modally, on a navigation stake, … etc, so I need a solution that is dynamic and simple –  pnizzle Feb 14 at 1:15

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