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I'm just starting to learn about Scala swing and I'm wondering about this very basic question.. In Java all JComponents inherit from Container so they all have access to the add and remove method and can contain any number of JComponents within them.

In Scala, I noticed that only some Components like Panel, menuBar, menu, etc eventually inherit from Container, so they can have child Components. But Components like Button, ComboBox, TextField, etc don't inherit from Container.

I would've thought Frame or Dialog inherits from Container, but instead they have contents which only allows the addition of one component. I assume you set the content to Panel, so you can add more Components to the Panel

Is this way much better than Java because it's more flexible by making use of traits? Is it better to categorize the Components (Scala tells you which components should have child components and which ones shouldn't)?

It restricts the user somewhat because you can't just add a button to a textField for example. But I'm assuming you can add the Container.Wrapper trait on yourself if you really needed it?

What are your thoughts? Is it worth the learning curve to switch from Java Swing to Scala Swing? It's confusing for a beginner at first because I'm so used to assuming everything is a container in Java.. but I'm starting to see that this is actually a really smart system.

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Not really an answer, more a long winded comment...

One of the important things to remember is that Swing is based on AWT. In AWT the base UI object is Component. In Swing it's different, everything is basically a Container. So in some essence, AWT and Scala are similar.

Pros and cons will come down to the intention of the API. In Swing, for example, you can add components to a JLabel. This might not seem like a good idea, until you spend time actually trying to paint images onto the background of stuff and suddenly the idea of using a JLabel as a container doesn't seem so far-fetched (I know some people will slap me for that ;)).

Generally, I tend to think of top level components (like buttons and fields) as components and generally ignore the fact they can actually be treated like containers...but that's me. Conceptually, I don't think there is much of an issue personally.

Is it worth switching? Can't say...I like Swing ;)

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