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I was going to pose this as a question, but I figured it out as I was looking at it. I figured I'd post it anyway just in case anyone else runs into this discrepancy.

It looks like the section labelled "(L2) -- Filtering using Patterns" has a bad set of data for the lesson it is teaching.

The query they are showing is supposed to return, "actors who worked with Keanu Reeves, but not when he was also working with Robin Williams." Here is the query that is used:

MATCH (keanu:Person {name:"Keanu Reeves"})-[:ACTED_IN]->(movie),
      (robin:Person {name:"Robin Williams"})
WHERE NOT (robin)-[:ACTED_IN]->(movie)

It does return those movies, but not because of the WHERE clause. You can run this:

MATCH (keanu:Person {name:"Keanu Reeves"})-[:ACTED_IN]->(movie),

and get the same 3 nodes returned: Brooke Langton, Gene Hackman, Orlando Jones

The issue is in the dataset that the query starts with, Keanu Reeves only acts in one movie (The Replacements) and Robin Williams isn't in it so the filter has no effect on the result set.

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Thanks for the feedback, changed it to Gene Hackman. –  Michael Hunger Feb 14 at 6:13
This question appears to be off-topic because it is about a bug report for a product (Neo4j tutorial). –  David Makogon Feb 18 at 12:53

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