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I've a very large C program consisting of hundred of files; I want to know what are all the global variables defined in the program. how do i do this.


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Why do you want to know this at runtime, how are they supposed to change? –  Nabla Feb 14 at 4:13
I want to snapshot/store it in a file. –  A_Gupta Feb 14 at 4:16
Can you use a debugger? –  Phillip Kinkade Feb 14 at 4:19
Are you talking about the variable names and types (known at compile-time) or their content/value (known at runtime)? –  Nabla Feb 14 at 4:20
@Nabla: yes, i want this things. –  A_Gupta Feb 14 at 4:23

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This tutorial may be useful, make appropriate changes as per your needs.Clang Tutorial

You can also check the symbol table objdump -x file.o which contains the list of variable's.

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:thank you,but this command is not working –  A_Gupta Feb 14 at 4:37
try objdump -t file.o it gives out only symbol table. Also give a look into "nm". –  const Feb 14 at 4:39
I got symbol table. It contains many things so how i can extract global variable only. –  A_Gupta Feb 14 at 5:11

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