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I have a JavaScript function that counts the number of characters in some text area. My function is as follows..

function limiting(obj) {
    var count = $("#counter > span");
    var txt = $(obj).val();
    var length = txt.length;

I call this function every time someone types in text area and it works. Now I want this function to act as:

  • Detect arabic characters
  • Add 2 to the count for each Arabic character
  • Add 1 to the count for each English character

for example if we have 2 Arabic and 3 English characters then the count should be 7, currently it is 5. I have googled it but could not find anything clear. Thanks

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I'm not sure if this might help: stackoverflow.com/questions/15453194/… –  adamj Feb 14 at 6:57

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Arabic characters are non-ASCII while English characters are ASCII. Now in in the loop, iterating over your string, check if the character is ASCII or not.

function isASCII(str) {
return /^[\x00-\x7F]*$/.test(str);

if true add 1 to the count if false add 2.

 function count(string){
  var count = 0;
   for (var i = 0; i<string.length; i++){
     if (isASCII(string.charAt(i))

You can do this simply in this way

 function limiting(obj) {
  var cnt= $("#counter > span");
  var txt = $(obj).val();
  var count = 0;
  for (var i = 0; i< txt.length; i++)
   count += /^[\x00-\x7F]*$/.test(txt.charAt(i))?1:2;
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It is not working.. –  sikander Feb 14 at 7:59
Problem was with txt.charCodeAt function, instead we need to use txt.charAt. Corrected. –  ahmadalibaloch Feb 14 at 9:16

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