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What can I possibly put in src attribute of an <img> tag except image url? Is <img> src attribute any different from other tags with src attributes?

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what else do you like to add in src ? absolute or relative URLs can only be used.like src="image.gif" or like src="example.com/image.gif"; –  PeacefulWarrior Feb 14 at 7:04
how about javascript or xml? –  castt Feb 14 at 7:06
What do, or can, you store in the src attribute of 'other tags'? –  David Thomas Feb 14 at 7:32

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Base64 data(Base64 conversion of an image) can also be stored in src attribute of an tag.........

For example, this markup:

<img src="" alt="Red dot" />

produces this image:

enter image description here

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Technically, that's still a "URI", or more specifically, a data URI: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Data_URI_scheme –  Tieson T. Feb 14 at 7:31

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