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I'm using javax naming to connect to an LDAP database. Is there a good way to check if a connection is still valid? I'm looking for something really efficient here because it may need to be done often.

After some web searching all I have found is a suggestion to do a quick search, is there any more lightweight way?


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Is there a reason you can't just assume it is still valid? That seems the most efficient. Encapsulate the LDAP communication in a class. You can handle any exceptions due to a dropped connection by reconnecting and then re-performing the requested operation.

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I tend to agree. The assumption is that it's valid, the Exception is that it's not, and should be handled as such. –  Spencer Kormos Oct 20 '08 at 15:13
Yeah I agree and that's sort of how we have it right now, but there is this framework we need to shoehorn the code into ;) Thanks for the reply anyway, I guess maybe we can keep it like we have it now. –  mac Oct 21 '08 at 5:31

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