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i want to display image when hideDiploma field is not 1. i will try for that but not working

the code as follow:

#if:{{{hideDiploma|}}}|<div class="image" style="display:none;">|<div class="image"> 
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What is not working? Do you get an error message? Do you have ParserExtensions installed? How do you include the template? –  Bergi Feb 14 '14 at 9:04

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when hideDiploma field is not 1

Note that you are only checking if the parameter was actually set to anything. If you want to check for equality with 1, you could do it like this:

{{ #ifeq: {{{hideDiploma|}}} | 1
| <div class="image" style="display:none;">
| <div class="image">

Or if you want to allow multiple values, e.g. yes and y, you could use a switch:

{{ #switch: {{{hideDiploma|}}}
| 1 | yes | y = <div class="image" style="display:none;">
| #default = <div class="image">
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