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How do I update a table and set different values upon the condition evaluating to True.

For instance :

SET A = '1' IF A > 0 AND A < 1
SET A = '2' IF A > 1 AND A < 2

I have seen CASE expression and IF expression in Procedures and Functions but I want to use it in a simple update/select statement. Is it possible or am I expecting too much from this lovely open source database?

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UPDATE table
SET A = IF(A > 0 AND A < 1, 1, IF(A > 1 AND A < 2, 2, A))

you might want to use CEIL() if A is always a floating point value > 0 and <= 2

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Values of A are just examples. I want to apply it to any condition. For instance : IF A IS NOT NULL SET to 'Some Varchar Value' ELSE SET to 'Some Other Varchar Value'; I will give your solution a shot and see how it works. Thanks a lot! –  ThinkCode Feb 1 '10 at 15:58
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Here's a query to update a table based on a comparison of another table. If record is not found in tableB, it will update the "active" value to "n". If it's found, will set the value to NULL

LEFT JOIN tableB ON tableA.id = tableB.id
SET active = IF(tableB.id IS NULL, 'n', NULL)";

Hope this helps someone else.

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