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I want to change the name of my resulting repositories when running a Ant build for a deplayable feature from: "repository name='file://buildRepo - artifacts' t.." to a more friendly one. i have tried using

<property name="p2.metadata.repo"       value="file:${basedir}/buildRepo"/>
<property name=""       value="Friendly Name"/>
    <property name="p2.artifact.repo"       value="file:${basedir}/buildRepo"/>
    <property name=""       value="Friendly Name"/>

The p2.gathering is not used so that these cand apply (as documented in the Eclipse wiki). What am i doing wrong?

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After the generation of your repo you can use the p2.mirror ant task to accomplish this. A detailed description of the task can be found here. Eclipse p2 mirror help.

<p2.mirror source="${p2.artifact.repo}">
<destination location="file:///${p2.artifact.repo}_beautifulName" name=""  />

or separte mirror tasks for metadata and artifact if you need them.

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Thanks. The repository name is changed during the mirroring process. It is a good workaround. :) – George Banica Mar 4 '14 at 8:23

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