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I have a C# dictionary Dictionary<MyKey, MyValue> and I want to split this into a collection of Dictionary<MyKey, MyValue>, based on MyKey.KeyType. KeyType is an enumeration.

Then I would be left with a dictionary containing key-value pairs where MyKey.KeyType = 1, and another dictionary where MyKey.KeyType = 2, and so on.

Is there a nice way of doing this, such as using Linq?

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var dictionaryList = 
    myDic.GroupBy(pair => pair.Key.KeyType)
         .OrderBy(gr => gr.Key)  // sorts the resulting list by "KeyType"
         .Select(gr => gr.ToDictionary(item => item.Key, item => item.Value))
         .ToList(); // Get a list of dictionaries out of that

If you want a dictionary of dictionaries keyed by "KeyType" in the end, the approach is similar:

var dictionaryOfDictionaries = 
    myDic.GroupBy(pair => pair.Key.KeyType)
         .ToDictionary(gr => gr.Key,         // key of the outer dictionary
             gr => gr.ToDictionary(item => item.Key,  // key of inner dictionary
                                   item => item.Value)); // value
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I believe the following will work?

    .GroupBy(pair => pair.Key.KeyType)
    .Select(group => group.ToDictionary(pair => pair.Key, pair => pair.Value);
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So you're actually wanting a variable of type IDictionary<MyKey, IList<MyValue>>?

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You could just use the GroupBy Linq function:

            var dict = new Dictionary<Key, string>
                       { new Key { KeyType = KeyTypes.KeyTypeA }, "keytype A" },
                       { new Key { KeyType = KeyTypes.KeyTypeB }, "keytype B" },
                       { new Key { KeyType = KeyTypes.KeyTypeC }, "keytype C" }

        var groupedDict = dict.GroupBy(kvp => kvp.Key.KeyType);

        foreach(var item in groupedDict)
            Console.WriteLine("Grouping for: {0}", item.Key);
            foreach(var d in item)
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Unless you just want to have separate collections:

Dictionary myKeyTypeColl<KeyType, Dictionary<MyKey, KeyVal>>
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Dictionary <int,string> sports;
sports=new Dictionary<int,string>();
foreach(var spr in sports)
console.WriteLine("Keu {0} and value {1}",spr.key,spr.value);


Key 0 and value Cricket
Key 1 and value Hockey
Key 2 and value Badminton
Key 3 and value Tennis
Key 4 and value Chess
Key 5 and value Football
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