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Table Name : Members (member_id PK), Member_Articles (articles_id PK)

I want to design, like below.

  1. Member can write Articles, and there should be strong relationship. Without member_id, Member_Articles table can't insert any data.

  2. Sometimes in the future, some member_id [e.g) member_id : 7] must be deleted. However, some articles which are written by some member_id [e.g) member_id : 7] must remain in the table.

I tried PK, FK relationship. However, as you know, I had to delete first Articles before delete Member.

How can I implement this situation? Thanks, in advance.

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While defining relationship set null on delete to the FK, and keep an extra column let say deleted_member_id and set it default with null if you delete the user programmatically or with the help of triggers set the deleted_member_id with the memeber_id and the delete will set null to memeber_id

Better Approach (in my view)

In my view the better approach could be setting flags into your eahc table,

For example: Create a column status with default 1 when you delete any data rather then of deleting them just set the status to 0, similarly in all your SELECT add an extra condition WHERE status = 1

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I considered flag things, however Members table have lots of personal data, which is confidential. So, the member data must be deleted. –  coverboy Feb 14 at 11:19
then what about those data you are not needed to delete for some reasons? –  zzlalani Feb 14 at 11:21
and, I also want Member_Articles tables FK member_id column don't accept Null. –  coverboy Feb 14 at 11:21
you can keep the id with deleted_member_id –  zzlalani Feb 14 at 11:22
you mean ? ==> Members (member_id PK), Member_Articles( article_id PK, member_id FK (not null), deleted_member_id (null)).. –  coverboy Feb 14 at 11:27

make member_id not null in your member_article table, and use on delete no action, to retain the articles.

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