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I have the following problem i did pdfCopy and stored into byteArrayOuptPutStream but when it redirecting to browser it is showing this message "This pdf might not be displayed correctly"

String type="print"
ByteArrayOutputStream baosPDF = null;
ServletOutputStream sos=null;

//This method returning ByteArrayOutputStream 

baosPDF = concatPDFs(fileNames, true, lotNumber, shipDate, salesOrder, customerName, ecnId, partId, partrev, getDataSource(request), status,realPath1,userinfo,supportDocFiles,comments,revisionFlag,ecnStarted);

                logger.info("buffer size is:  " + baosPDF.size());
                String partNumber = simplePartDao.getPartnumberQuery1(getDataSource(request).getConnection(), partId);
                response.setHeader("Content-Length", "" + baosPDF.size());
                StringBuffer sbContentDispValue = new StringBuffer();
                if (type != null) {
                } else {
                sbContentDispValue.append("; filename=");
                sbContentDispValue.append(partNumber + ".pdf");
                response.setHeader("Content-Disposition", sbContentDispValue.toString());
                response.setDateHeader("Expires", (new Date()).getTime() + 100000);         
                sos = response.getOutputStream();

how to achieve this? please help me.

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Sorry Guys it was my Mistake. i didn't close document object. Thanks for your help. Ah Now Sounds Good. –  Sumit Vaidya Feb 14 at 11:50

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