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I am building a game using google web toolkit.My attempt is to update the score of the player once he win .Scores and the player info are placed in a datastore.I was only able to update the score only once and if the player wins more than once the score is not getting updated. Here is the code:

  public User updateScore(int newScore,String username) {

    User user = ofy().load().type(User.class).id(username).get();
                return user;

  any idea???
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You need to use a transaction. Read this:


While it may or may not affect your subsequent query, you should also be aware of eventual consistency in the datastore:


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Transaction as suggested, also check your web.xml file, if it has ObjectifyFilter!

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Thank you for you reply. I have managed to solve that problem but got stuck in another one :(stackoverflow.com/questions/21822536/…). If you have an idea about that and can answer that it would be great. –  user3008437 Feb 18 at 14:08
Please leave info, what was wrong! Add answer or/and mark right one! Also just for info did you check your web.xml file, if it has ObjectifyFilter? –  MatejC Feb 18 at 23:16

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