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I am trying to complete a form.

I want someone to go below and fill out info t1.html

After they fill out info, they will see a Thankyou for submission (right now it goes to a php page of what they entered)

Someone will get an email ('email address that the email goes to' in the form) with a link of a php page that has what was entered from the form.

That person who gets the email will then accept or deny on that php page.

I am missing how to generate the php page, so the person receiving the email will be able to access info of what was entered into the form. How do I do that?


    <form name="iform" method="post" action="html_form1.php" class="iform">


    <li><label for="SendingeWarrant">Sending  to:</label><input class="itext"         type="text" name="SendingeWarrant" id="SendingeWarrant" /></li>
    <li class="iseparator">&nbsp;</li>
    <label for="Email">Email Address  that the email goes to:</label><input   class="itext" type="text" name="Email" id="Email" />
    <li class="iseparator">&nbsp;</li>
    <li><label>&nbsp;</label><input type="Submit" name="Submit" value="Submit" /></li>


     if (!empty($_POST)) {

$success = $error = false;

$post = new stdClass;

foreach ($_POST as $key => $val)
    $post->$key = trim(strip_tags($_POST[$key]));

// Check for blank fields
if ( empty($post->Email))
    $error = true;

else {

    // Get this directory, to include other files from
    $dir = dirname(__FILE__);

    // Get the contents of the pdf into a variable for later
    $pdf_html = ob_get_contents();

    // Load the dompdf files

    $dompdf = new DOMPDF(); // Create new instance of dompdf
    $dompdf->load_html($pdf_html); // Load the html
    $dompdf->render(); // Parse the html, convert to PDF
    $pdf_content = $dompdf->output(); // Put contents of pdf into variable for   later

    // Get the contents of the HTML email into a variable for later
    $html_message = ob_get_contents();

    // Load the SwiftMailer files

    $mailer = new Swift_Mailer(new Swift_MailTransport()); // Create new instance of SwiftMailer

    $message = Swift_Message::newInstance()
                   ->setSubject('eWarrant') // Message subject
                   ->setTo(array($post->Email => $post- >SendingeWarrant)) // Array of people to send to
                   ->setFrom(array('' =>  'eWarrant')) // From:
                   ->setBody($html_message, 'text/html'); // Attach  that HTML message from earlier

    // Send the email, and show user message
    if ($mailer->send($message))
        $success = true;
        $error = true;



body {font-family:Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; font-size:10pt;}
table {width:100%; border-collapse:collapse; border:1px solid #CCC;}
td {padding:5px; border:1px solid #CCC; border-width:1px 0;}


        <td><strong>Name of person sending to:</strong></td>
        <td><?php echo $_POST["SendingeWarrant"]; ?></td>
        <td><strong>Email being sent to:</strong></td>
        <td><?php echo $_POST["Email"]; ?></td>

<p>Approve / Deny</p>


email php file


    <p style="font-family:Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;font-size:"x-small";"><?php echo   $post->SendingeWarrant; ?></p>
      <p style="font-family:Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;font-size:"x-small";">Click  link to approve or deny:  </p>

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Have you heard of SQL? – enapupe Feb 14 '14 at 13:11
heard of it, but not familiar with it – user2197436 Feb 14 '14 at 13:14
You should definitely start using sql – Dylan de St Pern Feb 14 '14 at 13:16
You'll need to learn how to store the data in a database, so it can be retrieved later on. There are literally thousands of tutorials out there a simple google search away, so I don't believe anybody needs to write yet another tutorial just for you. Do a search, learn how to store your data in a database for later retrieval, then if you have troubles come back and ask a question. For now, I'm voting to close this question. – Christian Varga Feb 14 '14 at 13:19
thank you yes I will close. I didn't know i need sql – user2197436 Feb 14 '14 at 13:24

Enter the email data in your database and when person receiving the email will click the accept button it will take that data from database.

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