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I'm looking for a demon to manage (monitor) a few imap accounts in real time (not a cron style) and take some actions when a new mail arrives (launch a script with the email's informations, parse the email, move the mail to an another mailbox etc..)

Today i have the same kind of logic but on postfix and i would like to move the emails boxes on an external provider, and i will not be able to do the same thing.

So, for resuming, i'm looking for an imap_idle solution able to be real time.

Should i write a script with Mail::IMAPClient than i launch in backgroung(daemon) on all mailboxes i need to monitor?
Or maybe could i write the same script with a config file to launch all the connections inside the same deamon?
Or there is already some scripts/daemon who do this kind of things?

All suggestions will be helpful

Thanks (don't know why the "Hello" at the start of my topic disappear when a saved it...)

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