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This SO post is interesting to me. I've written a similar function and it seems ok.

Here's a small code snippet from the above post:

ptep = pte_offset_map(pmd, addr); if (!ptep) goto out; pte = *ptep;

The thing is, I want to try and interpret the 'pte'. AFAIK, this is the second-level physical Page Table Entry in the Paging tables of the process (or in this case a kernel virtual address). So, we should be able to interpret it by looking up the ARM Architecture Manual (i'm assuming 4k pages and an ARMv7).

In the manual (pg B4-31) bottom diagram would be the right one to interpret the bits of this PTE? I'd just like to clarify: is this the correct approach to interpretation or flawed in some way? Is the 'pte' variable I get above the same as what the manual is referring to?

TIA, Kaiwan.

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Arm Linux PTE unused bits? There are two sets of PTE on the ARM, a fake one and a real one. Only the arch/arm/mm use the real one afair. –  artless noise Feb 14 '14 at 16:19

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