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This is my code:

From: =?Shift_JIS?B?Y2VudGVyQHlhbWJnbGUuaW4ubmV0?= < center@yambgle.in.net >

From: =?x-sjis?B?+O6C6IKogvH47iAg?= < autovbxds@netltf.ladankhda.in.net >

I have the php code for the same, but I would like to have a preg_match code for the same.

Please help.

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do you want to match yambgle.in.net and netltf.ladankhda.in.net ? –  Amit Joki Feb 14 '14 at 13:44
no i only want yambgle.in.net and ladankhda.in.net –  user3308535 Feb 14 '14 at 13:49

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The following regex should do it

$data = 'From: =?x-sjis?B?+O6C6IKogvH47iAg?= < center@yambgle.in.net >';
if(preg_match('/@([^ ]*) /',$data,$result)){
    $domain = $result[1];
    echo $domain;

Result: yambgle.in.net

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thanks a lot for the help. however it returned me an error. you can check the code here ideone.com/HPceQF –  user3308535 Feb 14 '14 at 14:57

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